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This guide is for informational purposes only. It does not indicate the value of any doll listed, it only informs the users what price(s) the doll has recently been sold for. Please do not hesitate to post your latest sale or purchase either as a comment here or at the This Is Blythe site. You do not need to let me know if the doll’s price you are submitting was a purchase by you or sold by you. That does not figure into the scheme of the list at all. We encourage all buyers and sellers, whether privately, on auction sites or other forums, to submit their latest dolls (bought and sold) to be included in the price list. The more prices received, the better informed our community will be.

I would like to assure you, the users, that the only tracking that is being done is the actual price and condition of the dolls bought and sold. No users’ personal information will be tracked or used in any way, shape or form. This is a completely anonymous listing to help keep us up to date in the latest comings and goings of our precious dolls!

Please follow the links at the top of the page:  neo, kenner & petite to find out information about the doll you’re researching.

Please keep in mind that this list is only a compilation of prices.  Prices shown do not include shipping, PayPal fees, etc etc and so on.  Also, dolls are assumed to be NRFB (with the exception of Kenners) unless otherwise noted.  When providing price information please also provide:

NRFB – Never Removed From Box
RFB – Removed From Box
OB – Opened Box
ND – Nude Doll

An ideal submission will contain the price you paid (or the amount you received) for the doll (shipping NOT included), the month you purchased (or sold) your Blythe and an additional designation (i.e. RFB) if she is not NRFB. It would also be very helpful to list what doll it is with the full name included. Sometimes the abbreviations can get a little tricky, even for a “professional” like me!


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