Since Kenners are vintage, pre-owned dolls, that arrive in a myriad of conditions, the organization of this pricing section is a little bit different.

Within each section (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Scalpless) are anonymous quotes and descriptions from people who have purchased Kenners and have kindly contributed to this list.

If you would like to share information of a Kenner you purchased please include:
~ the price you paid (for those lucky ducks that found Kenners at outrageously low prices at yard sales, thrifting, etc, as much as we admire your mad ‘dolly sniffing out’ skills, that information won’t be tracked in this database)
~ month/year of purchase
~ where purchased (i.e. ebay, TIB, etc)
~ details on her appearance (please see previous contributions for ideas on helpful information to share)

An example of an ideal Kenner entry is as follows:

Brunette with bangs

September, 2005

Hair is uncut and slightly frizzy on the ends.
No missing hair plugs.
Eye mechanism works perfectly.
Butt cracked.
Both knees still click and hold three times.
There are pinpricks on the tops of her feet, but there are no missing fingers or toes.
Included original tagged outfit (Medieval Mood) with replacement pink pilgrim shoes.

Please follow the above format if at all possible.  Thank you!


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